Obligatory resolutions

I always have trouble coming up with such lists as these. First of all, who actually references this shit ever again? Second of all, who doesn’t forget about this list two weeks into January?

Still, I feel 2014 will be momentous, even if I have to make it that way. I feel it will be a year of hard work, of commitment, of prosperity, of goals, of learning, of fun.

So I’m not going to be all formal about it. Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2014. I’m going to try my best to stick to the list, but if I deviate a little, I’m not going to freak out about it.

1. Books. I need to read more of them. My goal? One per month, at least.

2. Fitness. I secured a gym membership already. Let’s do this shit.

3. Diet. I’m adopting a low-glycemic diet for health purposes. I have to do it, so I might as well have fun with it.

4. Photos. I already take a lot of them and I want to continue doing so. I would also like to use my fancy Nikon more, in the process.

5. Apartment. I want a different one, preferably one not immediately backing up to a main road. I’m tired of waking up to honking and “fuck you, you piece of shit!” every Saturday morning. Not exactly zen.

6. Entertaining. I want to host a party or two once we move to said apartment. This includes finding the perfect cocktail dress.

7. Writing. I want to write more. Like, creative writing. I write for a corporation all day and I need to take time to myself to get my thoughts out and not feel like a robot.

8. Blog. I’ve had blogs in the past (Xanga, anyone? Livejournal?), but I’ve never really taken it seriously. I’d post thinly veiled attempts at attention grabbing and the occasional witty one-liner, but nothing to document my life. I want that to change.

9. Travel. I’m going to exclude my brother’s wedding from this section, because he’s my brother and of course I’ll travel to Michigan to go to his wedding. But I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before. The only rules: It must be out of state and/or country, and it must be beautiful.

10. Meditate. I want to take the time this year to train myself in the art of de-stressing. It’s imperative for health, both mental and physical.

11. Water. I need to drink more of it. I read that drinking the right amount of water for your activity level can increase your metabolic rate by 30 percent. Yes, please.

12. Nature. I want to be in it more. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for nearly 6 months and I have yet to spend a day at the beach or in the middle of the Redwoods. Not OK.

13. Romance. These past couple years have been hard on the relationship between my fiance and I. I want to focus more on nourishing our love for one another and growing as a couple. He’s been my rock through the hard times and I want to show him how much he is loved and appreciated.

14. Fun. I want to stop taking life so seriously. I want to go on more adventures. I want to say more kind words, both to others and to myself. I want to maintain my awesome writing relationships with my pen pals. I want to laugh more.

Health and happiness for all. Happy New Year, everyone.

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