This beezy’s going to SXSW

artist: mattias adolfsson

It’s been an overcast week. I’ve barely slept at all in the past two days. I’m living off of protein supplements and bananas. AND I FEEL GREAT.

So I’m sitting in my cube this morning, typing away, when my boss approached and asked to speak with me in the break room. Naturally, this strikes fear. Did I accidentally plagiarize? Did I omit an important fact? Did I flood the bathroom somehow? Are we all going to die some day?

We sit down in a nearly silent kitchen as sail boats and cruise liners drift past outside. She sets her notebook on the table, pulls out a chair, and sits down quietly. She folds her hands on top of her notebook. She faces me. My lip quivers a little.

Boss lady: Have you heard of SXSW?

Me: Yes. Yes, I have.

BL: Do you want to go?

Me: What? Yes. YES.

BL: Cool, we’ll pay for everything. You’ll be in Austin for about a week. Please just write us a blog post. Have fun!
(Not at all paraphrased for simplicity)

I could elaborate, but now I actually am going to go flood the bathroom…with tears of joy.

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