I dream of humid summer nights with smoke hanging thick in the air
Your hands wrap around my waist like butterfly wings
I don’t know who you are yet, but that’s what evokes
The feeling of being young and alive and invincible.
You take a hit and shotgun it into my mouth and
blow my mind as your lips part like the inside of a tangerine.

We go to the state fair; you don’t think it’s white trash.
You say, “let’s get on the Ferris wheel so we can be closer
To the stars.”
I say, quietly, intently, “OK.”
You look at me and run your fingers through my hair like you’re
Spinning gold.
You buy me cotton candy, you win me
A giant teddy bear.

Back at your apartment, I fall asleep on your lap while we watch some foreign film.
You wake me up to remind me that I should brush my teeth.
I think, “finally, someone who understands the small things
Like me.”

We wake up the next morning.
We make love.
We wake up again, this time for real.



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