Life is very different now


Bonsai Babies

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day with my love–eating really good Mexican food, walking around Lake Merritt, soaking up the warmth of the sun, and being generally fascinated by the tucked-away (and free-of-charge!) bonsai garden near the lake. Some of the trees have lived in the same pots for 600-1,000 years!

Little Forest

Cherry Blossoms

Pink and Orange

Winter Recovery

Little Fractals

Darker Blossoms

Little Pines


Mossy Trunk

Little Big



Today was a good day.

I started off the day not wanting to get out of bed. The smell of clean sheets, the snuggle of fuzzy cats, an equally snuggly boyfriend, and a cloudy sky made it hard to get ready for the gym. But I’m glad I did. I got a good run in and felt more in-touch afterward. We struggled with what to do for the rest of the day: productive or lazy day? Well, it ended up being a little of both. Productive shit is boring so let’s go with the highlights.

We saw “Her” at Cerrito Theater, which is one of the prettiest theaters I’ve ever been to (at least to see a regular ol’ movie). It’s pretty sweet to be a 5-minute walk from such a historic place. They even serve (real) food and liquor, which is always a plus.

 But let’s talk about how amazing “Her” was/is.

I’m really horrible at reviewing things, but I’ll just say that I highly recommend this movie. The cast and director are amazing, I cried half the time, Joaquin Phoenix delivers a brilliant performance, it’s shot beautifully, and it’s an incredibly unique story line. I just…can’t express enough love for this movie. I related so deeply to the main character, to the peripheral characters, to the underlying sentiment of the whole thing. Seeing it with the love of my life added a whole new emotion and experience to the film. I just…just see it.

After that, we stopped by trusty ol’ Trader Joes to get groceries and Cheese Club cheese (yes, there’s a cheese club at my work that I am highly active in). We also got the award-winning, “best-gin-and-tonic-in-the-world” vodka, Tito’s.

 Also highly recommended.

On an adorable side note, Nori was posing for me earlier today.